Away Weekends

Whether it’s slumming it with the men, living it up with the ladies, activities with the youth or fellowship with the young adults our away weekends are always a highlight.

Last June we put on a church family weekend at the beautiful Sizewell hall on the Suffolk coast. We used the main building and the camp site and made full use of all the facilities for a weekend that was a spiritual highlight for many and crucial for the church. People of all ages were blessed with a mix of guest leaders and our own speakers. So many lent a hand, used their gifts and got involved to be part of a weekend that helped so many in their relationship with God as well as building friendships in the church.

In October 30 young adults spent a weekend together at a smaller venue in Suffolk, getting to grips with the Sermon on the Mount, praying for each other, enjoying great food and a good time together. As with all our weekends we wanted to engage with the Holy Spirit, to be built up in our faith as well as grow together as we share our stories and pray for each other

Church weekends away allow us simply to spend more time with each other and with God. So we value the opportunity to be open with each other and allow the Spirit of God to work.

In past years we have had youth or children’s weekends: Trips for social and spiritual benefit and blessing, or maybe ministry in some way. We have also taken groups of children and teens to various larger camps and houseparties as appropriate. Always a valuable investment.

Watch highlights from our 2016 church away weekend