Meet The Team

Neil Loxley

Neil Loxley


Neil has been a Minister at Kingsland Church for 30 years. “I love to see people grow in their relationship with God...

Ian Davies

Pastoral Leader

Ian is the Pastoral Leader at Kingsland Church. “I give God thanks for being able to serve Him here at...

Rob Buckingham - Kingsland Church Colchester

Rob Buckingham

Worship Pastor

Rob is a full time leader at the Kingsland Church with responsibility for worship. “I like to describe our worship...

Karen Loring - Kingsland Church Colchester

Karen Loring

Karen doesn’t like the word ‘Evangelist’ but she is one! Using her wisdom, love for people and the presence of...

Davy Walters

Director of Children, Youth and Evening Services

Davy left Kingsland Church for New Zealand when he was about 12. He finished his schooling and uni there, met...

Kingsland Community Church

Staff Team

Meet the team that make it all happen here at Kingsland day after day, with a heart to love, serve and bless the community.

Sara Garcia


Sara is normally found on our front desk during the week, ready to welcome people to our suite of rooms,...

Virginia mahon - Kingsland Church Colchester

Virginia Mahon

Assistant Kings Cafe Manager

Virginia is a key member of our staff team, running Kings Cafe on a daily basis. Originally from Sri Lanka...

Susann Lalla-Maharajh

Administrator & Finance

Susann has worked in the office part time for many years, and now looks after the books and financial records...

Chris Ling


Chris ensures our rooms are clean, tidy and ready for the hundreds of people who use the building each day....

Kingsland Community Church

Boards of Reference

Each of the five members of the Senior Leadership Team have a small Board of Reference, who help hold us to the vision of the Church to Love, Equip and Celebrate.  These boards meet monthly and function as a pool of wisdom, guidance and support for the Senior Leadership Team.  Each term the Boards of Reference get together to consider the bigger strategic vision of the church. Together they bring an enormous breadth of experience and wisdom to the church leadership.

Kingsland Community Church


Our Trustees are Kayode Alaka, Margaret Andrews, Louise Bardell, Andy Courtier, Mee Foong Purser and Neil Loxley. This group help us to function in a way that is compliant with all the relevant legislation regarding issues such as health and safety, charity reporting and employment law, and they also keep us on track financially.

Kingsland Community Church

Everyone Else!

Kingsland Church is completely dependent on the small army of a couple of hundred people who lead and serve in so many ways. We have great teams of people who lead worship, run discipleship groups, welcome people, lead excellent youth and children's ministries, run our Kingsland Advice Service, serve in King's Café or are a part of the other ministries of the church. As a church we are delighted to Equip people for works of service and excited to see people take up that challenge.