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'Equip' is central to our Love, Equip, Celebrate vision

We are comitted to Equipping people for life and ministry. As we seek to "Love Equip Celebrate" it's the equipping part that makes us Kingsland. We run a variery of courses and opportunities to help delevope our disciplship and spirituality.

MAP is our Ministry Appprenticelship programme where 30 people are currently part of one of 7 streams growing in the Apostolic, Evangelistic, Pastoral, prophetic, preaching, youth, and worship ministries of the church with experienced practitioners. This progrmamme is aimed at those who already have ministry experience and are growing into significant leadership in these areas.

The Deepr Ministry School combines Prophetic insight with Evangelistic opportunity and equipps people to be ready to pray for anyone who comes into our 'personal space' for them to encounter Jesus and the love of his people.  we also run a youth version of DMS from time to time.

Rob and the worship team run 'Cake and Jam' to equip people to join the worship team.

Part of our Equipping track is our in house Christian college which runs our accredited ministry training courses. Active Christian Training is a three term course starting each September dealing with many of the subjects in the first year of a Bible college. We spend a term on Bible and theology, a term on ministry and practicals, and a term on sustaining our own spiritual life and growth as we minister. Our one term Worship course runs from time to time too.  As part of these courses we organise termly ‘intensives’ on a variety of subjects like theology, the cross, the prophetic, pastoral ministry, prayer, etc etc.

As well as the three term ACT court we also run an accredited worship ministry course from time to time. Contact us for details of the next courses.

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