King's Café


Drop in for a coffee and cake, light lunch or a delicious hot chocolate. King's Café is a great place to meet friends and relax.

But it is more than just coffee and baguettes – we bring our faith to everything that we do. If you would like someone to pray with you or for a special situation, then drop in and ask: There's bound to be a staff member or volunteer who can share your joys and concerns and pray. We look forward to seeing you to share life, coffee and cakes!

We're pleased to host King's Bookshop, Colchester's only Christian bookshop, with a wide variety of Bibles, books and cards for sale.

Join us for coffee and a bite to eat!

Need to do a little internet surfing or catch up on your emails? Bring your laptop and enjoy surfing the web using the free Wi-Fi connection available to all our customers.

Vegan and gluten-free options available. We look forward to welcoming you.

Kingsland Community Church

Coffees, light lunches, morning and afternoon teas


A selection of freshly made sandwiches, made to order
£ 3.00-3.50

Jacket potatoes

A great selection of fillings, served with a side salad
£ 3.30-3.80


Choose your favourite filling, made to order
£ 3.30-3.80

Crusty baguette

Freshly baked, choose a filling to suit your taste
£ 3.30-3.80

Kid's sandwiches

Ham or cheese with a yogurt or piece of fruit
£ 2.00-2.50


Light lunch buffet (min. 6 people)

Selection of sandwiches, mixed leaf salad, sausage rolls, quiche, crisps, tea & coffee
£ 6.00 per person

Delegate buffet (min. 15 people)

Selection of cold meats, cheese platter, vegetable platter with humous dip, sausage rolls, vegetarian quiche, mini sausages in honey & balsamic dressing with sesame seeds, coleslaw, fresh baked rolls & butter, pickle & salad dressings, tea & coffee
£ 9.50 per person

Dessert options for light lunch buffet

Brownie bites or Fruit bowl
£ 1 per person

Dessert option for Delegate buffet

Brownie bites or Fruit kebabs or Fresh cream gateau
£ 1 per person

Children's parties at Kings Cafe (room hire not included)

Kid's Party menu 1 (min. 10 children)

Hot dog in brioche roll, tomato or BBQ sauce & grated cheese (optional), a packet of crisps & orange squash
£ 2.50 per child

Kid's party menu 2 (min. 10 children)

Cheese & tomato pizza slices with chips, mini sausage rolls / veggie rolls, tomato & cucumber fingers, orange & apple juice
£ 3.50 per child

Adult party menu 1 available with kid's parties (min. 6 adults)

Sandwich platter, mini sausage/veggie rolls, vegetable cruidite with humous dip, bowl of crisps, tea & coffee
£ 3.50 per person

Adult party menu 2 available with kid's parties (min. 6 adults)

Cheese & tomato pizza slices with chips, sandwich platter, vegetable crudite with humous dip, mini savoury eggs, tea & coffee
£ 5.50 per adult

Cakes & tea time treats

Cakes, brownies & tartlets

A great selection of cakes available including vegan & gluten-free gateaus and brownies
£ 1.50-2.00

Toasted tea cakes

With butter and jam
£ 1.80


Freshly baked butter croissants & pain au chocolat
£ 1.00

Beans on toast

A classic favourite
£ 1.20

Sausage rolls

A great snack any time of the day!
£ 1.50


Latte / Cappuccino

£ 1.80

Espresso / Americano

£ 1.80

Pot of Tea

£ 1.20

Speciality Tea

£ 1.20

Hot Chocolate

£ 1.80

Cold Drinks

£ 60p-£1.30